VE DAY PARTY, London Road, Hadleigh

Can you help identify these party people ?

VE Day Party, London Road, Hadleigh

Only 10 of the people in the photo have as yet been identified. Please let us know if you recognise yourself or anyone else.

The party is being held in front of Richardson`s Cycle Shop. The spaniel is also unidentified!

close -up

BACK ROW      from left to right :

Mrs Foster, Mrs Denning (carrying unidentified child), ………?…… , Len Cowling, Derek Owen, Phil …..?… (worked at the Albany Laundry), ……..?……. , Mrs Clarke (Doctor`s wife)

MIDDLE ROW (all boys)    from left to right :

…….?……. , ……..?……. , Derek Nichols, Philip Nichols, …….?… Nichols, …….?….. , ……..?……

FRONT ROW   (peering through the chairs)    from left to right :

2nd from left  is probably Gloria? Gibbons (from the electrical shop). The rest are unidentified so far.

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  • Hi,

    This picture is amazing, is there a picture with the shop’s name in it? As this is my family’s business I would love to see what the shop looked like.

    Many thanks

    By D Richardson (12/10/2017)
  • Back row: Mrs Ann Denning is carrying my mum Gloria Denning. The boy to Ann Denning’s right is Ann’s eldest son Roy, the young fair haired boy to his left is her youngest son Ken and the young girl with her arm in front of her face is her eldest daughter Maureen.  My mum has often spoken of this photo and it is great to be able to see it.

    By Lynda Taylor (03/11/2016)

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