My memories of Hadleigh in the 1930s

By David Guy

Photo:Hadleigh School 1936

Hadleigh School 1936

David Guy

Hadleigh School Photo c1936

Is there anyone still around who remembers this photograph? The first on the left is Dick Hollis (his parents had the nursery behind the  Kingsway Cinema), the next one is Sheila Chalk.

Hadleigh Fire Station

Photo:Preparing for war

Preparing for war

Essex Fire Museum

I can remember being outside the Fire Station at 11am on 3rd September 1939, when Chamberlain made his dreaded announcement, that we were once again at war with Germany.  The firemen turned up the radio so that we could hear it.

We helped the firemen fill sandbags, then Mr Mackenzie told us "to go home" as we were at war.





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I am sure my sister Eileen Polley is in this picture .

By Georgina
On 10/11/2013

David has sent in a note to reassure Georgina that, yes! her sister IS on the photo; she is sitting on the front row. { Ed.}

By David Guy
On 16/11/2013