Hadleigh Youth Club in the late 1940s

The photograph below shows members of a St James the Less youth club set up in the late 1940s. On this occasion all have cycled to Maldon for the day led by the Rector, Rev. Roger Lewis and his wife.

To Thelma Jones née Yeaxlee we are indebted for the few names we have so far. If you are on the photograph or you can spot your mother, father or a grandparent in the picture, do please let us know. Perhaps you can tell us something about the club or other youth clubs in Hadleigh or Thundersley, at any time.

Photo:Youth Club cycle outing to Maldon

Youth Club cycle outing to Maldon

Maughfling family album


In the photo from left to right:

back row: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Derek Cotgrove, Frank Cotgrove, Dick Hollis

middle row: Rev. Roger Lewis, unknown, Mrs Lewis, Beryl Jeffries, unknown.

front row: unknown, unknown, Peggy Hollis, Thelma Yeaxlee, unknown.


Another picture of a youth club outing taken in Hockley Woods at Easter 1952 is less successful as a photograph but is shown below in case anyone can throw any further light upon it.

Photo:Youth Club Outing Hockley Woods 1952

Youth Club Outing Hockley Woods 1952

Maughfling family album

Centre front is Thelma Yeaxlee with Peggy Hollis to the right. Dick Hollis, Peggy`s older brother, is on the far right. Rev. Roger Lewis is squatting on the left of the picture and Beryl Jeffries can be seen smiling to the left of and behind Thelma.


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