Mornington Crescent Hadleigh

Photo:1939 Ordnance Survey. (Click on the map to expand)

1939 Ordnance Survey. (Click on the map to expand)

Sinclair Road Hadleigh

Was This Once Called Sinclair Road?

By Terry Barclay

The following query was received from Derek Parker: Found the entire site astounding. Having lived in Mornington Crescent since 1987, I have recently started to develop a profound interest in the history of the area and your site does much to expand my knowledge. However, I understand that Mornington Crescent was at one time named Sinclair Road, this information having been given to me by a number of now deceased neighbours. Can anyone expand upon this particularly with detail of old maps and buildings?


As an Archive editor, I have attached a copy of the relevant part of the 1939 Ordnance Survey map of Hadleigh which shows an incomplete Mornington Crescent as well as Sinclair Road.

Perhaps someone can say when Mornington Crescent was completed and the Sinclair Road name lost from the records.

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There was a Sinclere Road in Hadleigh, I think some building plans for a development in Sinclere was put in many years ago; possibly by CS Wiggins? (I worked for Wiggins, that's why I recall it).

By Peter Smith
On 18/01/2016

According to the Essex Record Office, in 1921, plans for a building application with respect to a bungalow in "Sinclere" Road, Hadleigh were submitted for approval to Rochford Rural District under "Section 1 of the Housing (Additional Powers) Act,1919". 

The application contained the following details:

Owner: J.E. Redgrave, 245 Ley Street, Ilford

Architect: L. Freeborn, 'Homeland', Church Road, Hadleigh
Builder: J.E. Redgrave 

The legislation referred to made it a duty of every local authority to consider the needs of their area and prepare a scheme with respect to the provision of houses for the working classes ie what we now know as council housing.

What is unknown is where "Sinclere" Road was as it no longer appears to exist. Did this become "Sinclair" Road and then become replaced with Mornington Crescent? 

[Also, in case you were wondering why an application with respect to a bungalow in a Hadleigh road would have been put to Rochford Rural District Council, it is because it was only in 1929 that the ecclesiastical parishes of Hadleigh, Thundersley and South Benfleet were moved from the Rochford Rural District Council and united to form the new Benfleet Urban District Council].  

By Terry Barclay
On 20/01/2016