Hadleigh Lanes

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By Terry Palmer

I wonder how many people notice the Hadleigh Lanes sign on the side of Essex Beds in Hadleigh (see photo), and how many of them actually remember Hadleigh Lanes.

This occupied the old Wallis supermarket site around 20(?) years ago.

This page was added by Terry Palmer on 10/02/2013.
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Remember the lanes, and even Hadleigh Hall which was on the site c 1930s.

By Ian Hawks
On 16/02/2013

Thanks Terry for this. I had completely forgotten about the old Hadleigh Lanes. I don't remember Hadleigh Hall, as it was demolished when I was six. But I do remember that for several years it was just a piece of land on which horses were kept. My first year junior teacher, Mrs. Rand, used to encourage us to feed them with carrots. I still remember Wallis being built and we always went there for our shopping as it was the nearest supermarket. I don't remember which shops were in the Hadleigh Lanes.

By Chris Worpole
On 16/02/2013

I remember the Lanes built in the sixties, apart from Wallis there seemed to be a mismatch of shops. I also remember the horses and Mrs Rand but I thought the horses were on the land that was part of the doctors. Wasn't Hadleigh Hall there a lot earlier then this?  Further down the lane where the flats are now, was my ancestral home on the corner of Beech Road and Castle Lane. In it's heyday it occupied about half the length of that part of Castle Lane and as far as Oak Rd South. It was a big colonial looking building and called the Limes . My mums family retired to Hadleigh in 1880 and were visitors before this date. My great grandfather was briefly a councilor on the old Rochford Council before it became Benfleet Council. They are with the rest of my mums paternal and maternal families all now residing in the churchyard.

By Rob Keen
On 22/07/2013