Field Maples

Photo:Mix of two and three wings

Mix of two and three wings


Photo:Handy scale provided

Handy scale provided


Changing times?

Down Chapel Lane, just before the entrance to the Country Park, stand about 13 unsurprising Field Maples. Why about 13? Well, some are gnarly and mature, others seem more of a group effort rather than one trunk, whilst ivy swathes two trunks to the point of concealment.

At least we could look up the leaves and seeds to confirm they were Field Maples; so we took the snaps to the side here, and the leaves seem to match the book.

We saw some winged seeds with sycamore-like twin lobes;  but also as seen here with a helpful hand for scale, you can see the three-lobed seed, too.   Is this normal, or have I got the wrong species?

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