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  • The descent from Robert of Mortain has been shown to be a complete myth, there is no link between the de Burghs, and the Contevilles, see Ellis, Round, Johnston and West.

    {Ed: this comment was extended on an article searchable as “Hubert de Burgh . . . ”
    full title: “HUBERT DE BURGH (c.1175-1243) Builder of Hadleigh Castle” }

    By Stephen Burke (19/06/2022)
  • I understand that my great Aunt moved to Thundersley after working as a nurse in London. She lived at 177 London Road, a house called ‘Dallahousie” in the 1920s. Has anyone a photograph of the house?

    {Ed: copied to the Can You Help category.}

    By Clare B (26/02/2022)
  • I’ve found out the original name of my house was ‘Topex’
    It’s a 1930s house off Commonhall Lane.
    Would anyone know the relevance of this please?

    {Ed: copied to the Can You Help category. 3rd Dec 2022}

    By Kate (14/06/2021)
  • I was wondering, when was the reservoir built in the country park and did it/does it supply water to anywhere, making it a reservoir in the true sense?

    {Ed: this is copied from “Contact us” to the “Can You Help” category.}

    By Kate (14/06/2021)
  • I am finding the Hadleigh Archives so interesting. I was born at Windyridge Bramble Road Daws Heath in September 1930 and lived there until my marriage in 1954. My father William Carruthers with his brother built and developed the Haresland Estate in the 1920’s and 30’s: Fairmead, Landsdown and Moorcroft Avenues. My brother David [94] and I often talk of our happy childhood playing in the fields and woods at Daws Heath and into Belfairs.
    I started school at Hadleigh Infants, then at Leigh Heath School on the London Road, Leigh Highlands, but returned to Hadleigh School when that school evacuated at the start of the war before I went to, first, Chelmsford High until Westcliff High returned from evacuation in Derbyshire.
    My parents met and were married at Hadleigh Congregational Church, my father was the organist there and my mother sang in the choir when I was little. I remember sitting there with my brother either side of our grandmother who lived in Hadleigh at Moorcroft, Daws Heath Road close to Scrub Lane.
    So many memories of those happy childhood years and very thankful for them. I have lived in the USA for over 60 years and have been back to the area many times and still have cousins in Leigh.

    {Ed: copied to W and HL Carruthers, Daws Heath Builders }

    By Jean de Jong (10/09/2020)

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