643-645 London Road

A new development

A view of the property which faces the Salvation Army field, at the corner of Woodfield Road.
Graham Cook
Signage revealed of 643 above the hoarding.
Graham Cook
Slightly obscure signage at number 645.
Graham Cook
Another view of 643 above the hoarding.
Graham Cook

March 2017

If you have been travelling down the London Road recently in the direction of Southend, you may have noticed a development of the property near the corner of Woodfield Road, numbers 643-645, London Road. The developer is Parkview Developments and their website below is worth examining to see other work in the area. 

Behind the black hoarding is revealed the original signage of two shop fronts: number 643 is revealed as Broadvue Stores but next door at 645 is less clear and needs some more investigation. It looks like it could be Edgar M. Bullock (Newsagent) – this information was spotted in a 1933 copy of Kelly’s Directory.

It would be good to hear from anyone who has memories of these two shops.  

Click on the pictures for larger versions.

Developer website is at www.parkviewdevelopments.co.uk

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  • Re Broadvue Stores at 643 London Road, Hadleigh; I remember it was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Clough and was a bakery and grocers in the late 1940s. Mrs. Clough went on to be the manageress of Dossets in Hadleigh High Street. Most probably after she was widowed.
    She was friendly with my Mum.

    By Chris Tuckfield (21/03/2021)
  • My parents were Brenda & Harry Crudgington who bought the lease for 645 London Road in July 1973. Mr Bullock owned the freehold. The shop traded as Woodfield Newsagents & I lived at the back of the premises with my parents & sister until 1979 when the shop closed permanently. 

    When we moved to the shop in 1973, 643 London Road (next door) was still a grocery store & I believe the surname of the people running the store was Thompson. In the mid seventies it became an antique shop, run by Susan & Michael Clough. I believe it was still open for business when we left.

    Next door but one (641) was a sewing machine shop & the name of the people living behind it was Robinson.

    By Paula Smith (10/06/2017)
  • Number 645 definitely was Mr Bullock’s sweet shop, which I first knew in 1960. No idea how long he had been there, but he must have been nearly 70 years old at that time. I think the shop changed hands in the late 1960’s before closing soon after, but I’m not sure.

    Number 643 ‘Broadvue Stores’ was a grocery shop, owned by Vi & Ginger Rouse up to about 1960. I knew them later at St Barnabas church. In the mid to late 1960’s the proprietors were Mr & Mrs Crudgington. Again, I have no idea when the shop closed, but it must have been about 1970.

    By Johnny Essex (14/03/2017)

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