Croisette's 3, Kingsway Parade

Old Hadleigh Shops - 212, London Road

1960 Advert

Croisette’s is a shop which many “old Hadleigh” people mention, but where relevant written records are few and far between. Consquently, if you can help fill in the blanks below or provide an image, the Archive can show today’s residents what role such old shops played in the local community.

We know that the shop sold vinyl records as Chris Worpole has said elsewhere on this site that she bought her first single in Croisette’s (some time in the 1960s). She has confirmed that singles cost 6s 8d (which I make about 33p in today’s money).

The 1936 Benfleet Urban District Council Official Guide had an advertisement for A M Croisette at The Parade in South Benfleet where it was a radio and cycle stores. From there it sold “His Master’s Voice”, Pedigree Radio and Radiograms, Marconiphone, Kolster Brandes, Burndept, Cossor, Philco, etc.

A M Croisette and Sons were at 302 High Road and also, as confectioners,  at 311 (which later became Knightley’s confectioners and newsagents until it closed in 2012). A good article including a number of Benfleet shopfront photos can be seen at

In Hadleigh, it was a radio and tv dealership, but were the same brands sold?

Was there a member of the Croisette family at Hadleigh? – – – –

Who managed or worked in the shop? – – – –

Did they just sell tvs or did they also rent them out?

It was not there in 1937. It was there when advertised in 1960.

So, when did it open? – – – –

When did it close? – – – –

So, a lot of gaps yet to be filled!

So, over to you and your memories.

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  • I started buying records there in the late 50’s early 60’s. I used to be a DJ at the Forum on Wednesday & Saturday nights when George, Jim & Brian from Dagenham ran the club nights there. I had all the latest records, usually three a week all for £1 old money. The lady used to get all the latest recordings for me including many of the new artists. I also used to do a lunchtime session at KJS on a Thursday lunchtime but none of the pupils were allowed to dance.

    By Leslie Day (05/05/2021)

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