Formerly Howards Dairies

Santander closed one of its shops

Seen on the north side of Hadleigh High Street today. Now that Santander’s signage has been removed, the lettering of former occupants of the site has left its traces and can just be made out: ‘HOWARDS DAIRIES’. Do you know of any other occupants?

Formerly Howards Dairies?
Photo Tessa Hallmann

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  • I used to drive lorries for Howards Dairies and delivered to this shop many times.The premises that is now Choices in Rectory Road was a Supermarket that Howards opened to replace the one above.

    By BRIAN BAKER (06/12/2015)
  • Alas, it was not seen today. That was actually two months ago, 19th November 2014 when I first composed the article. Is there a picture anywhere that shows how it used to look? Or better still when it was Howards Dairies?

    By Robert Hallmann (20/01/2015)

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