Formerly Howards Dairies

Santander closed one of its branches

Seen on the north side of Hadleigh High Street, in 2014. Now that Santander’s signage had been removed, the lettering of former occupants of the site had left its traces and could just be made out: ‘HOWARDS DAIRIES’. Do you know of any other occupants?

{Ed: the remaining Santander branch closed 23rd May 2019.}

{Another article on Howards Dairies here.}

Formerly Howards Dairies?
Photo Tessa Hallmann
Shop in The Kingsway, Hadleigh

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  • Hi Sue Bromberger,
    my name is Bob Hicks and my Great Grandfather was George Hicks. He owned a dairy in Chase Road, Southend and Arthur Hicks was his brother.
    I believe Arthur set up a dairy in High Street, Hadleigh before both brothers sold out to Howards Dairies.

    By Bob Hicks (07/08/2021)
  • Hi, I live in Perth, Western Australia but was born and lived in Southend on Sea, some 38 years ago. I am 72 and am now researching family history and was told by my mother (dead some 15 years now), that my elderly Uncle Arthur Hicks’ family OWNED the Southend Milk Dairies.
    I did know of a Peter Howard (long dead) who was in the Howard family of Howard’s Dairies, but I would assume my Uncle Arthur Hicks, owned the Dairy way before the Howards. Do you know any information about the Hicks Dairies?

    My grandfather Henry Featherstone Holland was a Southend Councillor way back in 1912 and was one of the first people in Southend, to have a Car. It was a flash Minerva and I have a photo of him and his family with a white-coated chauffeur driving! He ran the Army & Navy Hotel on Southend seafront. After his death, his second wife Rebecca ran the Falcon Pub on Southend seafront. Years later, my parents ran The Victory Inn Pub, in Ashingdon, Essex until the Brewers pulled out all their Tenants, and put Managers into their Pubs, back in 1975.
    All so long ago now.

    By Sue Bromberger (née Holland). (03/05/2021)
  • Please note there is plenty of information and pictures about Howard’s Dairies and its various depots in the Benfleet Community Archive website.

    By Geoff Gonella (26/07/2019)
  • My wife and I lived in Hockley after our marriage. I left the Ford Motor Company to work in the open air as a milkman. John Clements took me on and started me off in the Rayleigh Depot under Mr Crocker.
    My round was in Wickford serving part of London Road, part of the High Street and all of Nevendon Road up to the Arterial Road.
    All the side roads were unmade in those days, very muddy in the winter. Some prefabs were still being lived in too, people were very happy in them.
    We delivered seven days a week in those days.
    One very bad snowfall in the early 60s it was about four feet deep and the milk floats were all battery driven, so a lot of extra walking. We all had to be towed in and I got home at 11pm from a 4am start.
    Every one got their milk even if it was frozen.
    The Mayor of Southend congratulated us all and we received a £5 bonus from Howards Dairies, and started on time next morning. Happy days!!!

    By David Cask (23/07/2019)
  • I was Trainee Manager for Unigate in 1964 and was sent to do my training with Howard’s Dairies, one of their subsidiaries. I trained on milk rounds in Rayleigh then in The Dairy in Leigh on Sea or Westcliffe. Memory gone. Wonderful time.

    By David Mole (01/03/2019)
  • Howard’s Dairies was in Oak Road South Hadleigh. It was the general stores for all of the shops of which there was over twenty. Plus a sausage factory, and an egg candling factory. Mr Fillery was the general manager for the Oak Road complex and all of the shops. I worked there as Mr Fillery’s secretary and receptionist from 1951-54.

    By Ruth Chestney née Adams (08/08/2018)
  • I used to drive lorries for Howards Dairies and delivered to this shop many times. The premises that is now Choices in Rectory Road was a Supermarket that Howards opened to replace the one above.

    By BRIAN BAKER (06/12/2015)
  • Alas, it was not seen today. That was actually two months ago, 19th November 2014 when I first composed the article. Is there a picture anywhere that shows how it used to look? Or better still when it was Howards Dairies?

    By Robert Hallmann (20/01/2015)

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