Photographic Shop

Mr F W Ward

This is our grandfather F W Ward outside his photographic shop in London Road, Hadleigh.

The premises is now a hairdressers, opposite Lidl Supermarket. Next door on one side was Emery’s the barber and Ross the bootmender. On the other side was Green’s Stores, later Richardson Electrical and now Maison Noir.

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  • Harold died about thirteen years ago. He was living in Bilton Road in one of the flats on the Scrub lane end. I lived in a house opposite him for a few years. He would leave me cuttings on my doorstep and I remembered he dug up a beautiful peony from his garden when I told him it was my favourite flower. I was told he was badly burned after falling into a fire at home during Ww2 when he was a boy.

    By Julie Booroff (11/11/2013)
  • I remember the place and the other shops; at one time there was a sweet shop we knew as Bennies, then there was a bookmakers for a while. Nearer to Woolworths there were still some houses that had very small front gardens. Does anybody remember Mr Ward’s son Harold? He was one of Hadleigh’s leading characters and should be remembered. He had an accident at sometime and was sadly badly burnt but none the less he was always very polite and kind to everbody. He loved to visit Southend to  try and win things on the machines and when he did he would always make for my mum’s to give her part of his winnings. I think they grew up together. He worked for the council for some time as a dustman and would patrol Hadleigh as if he owned the place. He knew everyone’s name, every broken paving slab and what was going on. By today’s standards he might have appeared to be odd but all the kids loved him and he knew all their families.

    By Rob Keen (20/06/2013)
  • I remember Ross the Bootmender’s shop.  Went there with my Mum in the 1950s;  there was a man that worked for him called Mr Howe who lived in Bradley Avenue in Thundersley.   His daughter Maureen was my friend and I also looked after her little Sis, Linda.

    I used to watch TV at their house as we didn’t own one at that time.  I remember seeing Champion, The Wonder Horse.  We used to play Mothers and Fathers in their garden with other children from that road.  And her Dad kept rabbits; I think in the barn at the end of the garden;  Happy Days!

    By carol southward now powley (15/03/2012)
  • Remember Mr Ward and the shop very well. Nice to see that the barber shop is still there.

    By Ian Hawks (26/11/2011)
  • Lovely story this and a great picture of the main road. Any idea of a date? Especially interesting is the slogan ‘Photographs taken to-day ready within 14 days’. None of this instant digital stuff…

    By Robert Hallmann (26/11/2011)

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