W. Thorington, Homestead Dairy, Thundersley

A Dairy Farmer's Bottle

Last October a message was passed on to me from Andrew Barton via Andrew Summers at Essex Hundred: ‘Hello, I have found some old milk bottles that are marked, W Thorington, Homestead Dairy, Thundersley. I have looked in the Thundersley book* but can not find any info on them…’

My triumphant answer was somewhat predictable: ‘If you look on page 195, picture 283*, I think you’ll find your answer.’ Andy Barton had four bottles and he offered to drop two of them around to my doorstep. When nothing materialized after some time I enquired of Mr Barton. He had delivered them. We soon realized the mix-up with Castle Road and Castle Lane. I left a note at the incorrect address and two bottles were brought round to me post-haste by a concerned and happy couple who had been somewhat puzzled. One of the bottles was the worse for wear, but the other has at last been photographed and it is with great joy I can now present it. If we ever get a museum, here’s another exhibit.

{* Ed: Thundersley and Daws Heath  A History, by ….. Robert Hallmann}

Kindly rinse bottle and return
Tessa Hallmann
John Thorington, The Homestead, Hart Road, opp. Woodman
Derek Barber
Hart Road with The Homestead and a Postman
Peter Pond

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  • Walter Thorington was my grandfather. His wife’s name was Caroline; they had 6 children Kate, Florence, Jessie, Horace, John and my father Ernest.

    By les thorington (15/05/2018)

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