Barge: The 'Hadleigh Castle'

31 March 1901

Is there a picture anywhere of this barge, or any other information? According to the Census 39-year-old James Anderson from South Benfleet was Master Bargeman in 1901 and his mate was 28-year-old Joseph Mallett from Peldon. Both men were single. 

The 'Hadleigh Castle' as mentioned in the 1901 Census

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  • Hi, William Turner was master of Hadleigh Castle in the 1911 census with his 2 sons as crew. He was a Thames bargeman.

    By Pat Handford (11/05/2021)
  • It is possible that the Guildhall Library in London’s Guildhall might have a record of this since a captain is mentioned. The Guildhall library as mentioned holds most, if not all, records of ships and their captains, including the names of the ships; etc.

    By Robb Keen (22/05/2019)
  • Hi Robert,
    I don’t have a picture for you but there is a bit of information about Joseph Mallett in the Mersea Museum website:
    See the 5th para in the section ‘Sailors’. If the above link does’t work, then go to the museum’s website and do a search for say, Joseph Mallett

    Hope this helps,

    By Geoff Gonella (11/05/2019)
  • Hi Robert, Have you tried the Society for Sailing Barge Reseach. Their latest compendium on sailing barges has very little, therefore there won’t be a lot of info, but they may have a picture. Records show she was registered at Maldon, official number was 82391 and what happened to her is unknown. The official number would indicate that she was likely to have been built in early 1880s. Interestingly my sailing barge home had a ‘Mallett’ as skipper during 1940s – Felix. See page 32 of ‘May Flower’. They were a ‘Blackwater’ family. Felix died in 1982…  

    By Nick Ardley (20/01/2014)

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