Beulah House, Daws Heath, Thundersley

Evangelism in the 1920s?

Does anyone know anything about a place called Beulah House, Daws Heath, Thundersley?

I am researching and writing a book based on letters and photographs we found in our attic. One of the characters in the story is the Rev. Hubert Entwisle who married at the Registry Office, Rochford, in June 1926. I’m attaching a copy of the marriage certificate.

I know that he and his wife came from Blackburn, Lancashire, and suspect that Hubert was in Daws Heath to train as an Evangelist.

I wonder if Beulah House was linked to the Peculiar People movement?

Hubert went on to become a successful evangelist in the North of England, across Northern Europe and finally America.

Hubert Entwisle's Marriage, 1926

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  • Dear Mr. Nicholson,

    I grew up under the ministry of Hubert Entwisle, and knew both him and Mrs. Entwisle well.  I sat under his ministry from the first great and throughout all my growing up years, in the Calvary Baptist Church in Pekin, IL.  I do not have information about Beulah House, but I do know he often spoke of doing evangelism in GB before immigrating to the USA.  I have been unable to find information on his work in GB.  If you have further information about his upbringing or early ministry or training in GB, would you mind sharing this with me?  I would be glad to pay for any copying costs, etc, for anything you could not send by computer.  If I can answer any questions regarding his ministry in the USA, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Allen Tomlinson, Pastor

    First Congregational Church, Merrimack, NH

    By Allen Tomlinson (10/04/2014)

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