Elliotts from Thundersley

Hello, I wonder if your website would be able to help me track down my distant relatives, as I have no more living relatives that I know of, being an only child (as were my parents), and have an old painting that I would like to pass on one day. 
I have very few relatives that I can trace back to my great-great-grandfather, but I know that one of them lived at 31, Dorothy Gardens, Thundersley back in the 1970s.
His name was William Elliott, the nephew of Eleanor Elliott (my great-aunt, born18/05/1887, died 08/02/1981.) He may have had children, in which case we would share great-great-grandparents, who were from the Newcastle area. 
Would you be able to help me? 
Many thanks, Martin Elliott.

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  • There was of course a doctor who came to Thundersley in the early fifties. He had a house built in Hart road called the White House and the surgery was in a side building attached to the otherwise detached home. I went on to google maps and note that the house is still there and it is still white though there are now houses close to. Until Dr Elliot set up his practice the doctors was in a private house opposite the Ambulance Station on the corner of Hart road and Kenneth Road. I do recall that Dr Elliott had at least one child as my mother used to baby sit for the family. I think the first child was born around the early fifties.

    By Lynn Peter Sharman (21/01/2016)

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