Hallamshire, Kiln Road – a Photo Request

From the Granddaughter of Susan Donaghue

This image shows a picket fence outside an unidentified Kiln Road property c1914. Could it have been Hallamshire or Gate Farm?
From the Peter Lewsey Collection
Hallamshire, Kiln Road, Thundersley

In the 1930s, the Donaghue family lived in Hallamshire, later replaced by a new house at 53 Kiln Road. (This stood just to the west of what is now SEEVIC* in the direction of Bradley Avenue).

Postcards of houses other than around shops are pretty rare, so does anyone have a photo of Hallamshire?

Granddaughter, Jeanette, remembers her Nan living there with her brother Barty and a younger woman called Janet, who helped in the house, who may or may not have been related.

It is thought that the house belonged to one of Susan’s four sons. She also had two daughters, Elsie and Winnie, who was a hairdresser who is thought to have lived across the road.

To the left of the house was a small woodland. Barty had a lean-to greenhouse on the side of the house and he sold surplus produce and eggs from the large rear garden.

Does anyone remember going there after the war?

Here is a little background from the local census records:

In 1911, Hallamshire was occupied by Thomas Breckon, a marker gardener, and his family. Thomas was born in Yorkshire and maybe named his house after the area around Sheffield.

(In 1910, Thomas was Chairman of the Thundersley Ratepayers Association and in 1909 had been one of the organisers, and prize winners for lettuces and currants, at the Hadleigh Congregational Church (now URC) Flower Show).

The Electoral Register shows the Breckon family still there in 1919. Thomas at 61 would have been too old for war service, but Eric, 22, may have seen conflict. Two years earlier, Eric had married in Chelmsford and presumably moved out of his family home.

Eric eventually remarried in Bristol in 1930 and in 1939 had been living in Bristol since 1931 in a house he had called “Thundersley”.

It seems strange that while looking for a house called “Hallamshire” in Thundersley we should have discovered a house called “Thundersley” in Bristol!

{Ed: *  SEEVIC also known as USP College }

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  • My paternal granny lived in the house called Hallamshire. I’d love to know if there’s a photo of the house. I’m sure it’s gone now as it was in a large plot and will surely have gone for development years ago.

    By Jeannette Linehan (08/02/2024)

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