Help: Thundersley and Daws Heath Past - Pt 1

Can you identify anybody or put a date to a picture?

Derek Barber handed part of his collection of images over to me to be part of a book.  We would be delighted if people can help with dating, placing and identifying events and/or individuals.

Howard Double Wedding is all I know. Do you recognise anyone?
Derek Barber Collection
Dare Family Double Wedding. These fabulous fashions would be worth remembering?
Derek Barber Collection
Said in Comments Below to be the Thundersley School Class of 1956
Derek Barber Collection
Hadleigh and Thundersley Ladies Congregational Church Outing. Could that be the wife of Rev. Maley in the dark top in the centre of the picture? When was this?
Derek Barber Collection
St Michael's Field, Daws Heath. Were you there?
Derek Barber Collection
Thundersley Air Training Corps WW2 is all the information I have.
Derek Barber Collection

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  • Does anyone know if the boy on first left on the top row is Richard Bainbridge? I used to play cricket with him sometimes. {Ed: School class ?}

    By Carol Powley[Southward] (18/07/2020)
  • Hello Geoffrey, I remember your mum and dad. I own the house you mention in Cedar Road. Your parents moved to Leigh Park Road and I now live just round the corner on Leigh Hill. Do you remember the Boilings having a riding school on Leigh Hill? Hard to think that with today’s traffic.

    By simon hooper (16/07/2020)
  • I am Geoffrey Cavalier; I was 10 years old in 1956 and at school at Thundersley Primary school, Mr French was my form teacher (one of the kindest teachers I had at any school) and Mr Clough was the Headmaster, handy with the cane. I lived in Cedar Road and my friend Peter Thorn lived the other side of our paddock in Hart Road. I do not recognise anyone in the photos I am sorry to say. I do not remember Trevor Powell but we must have been together in Mr French’s class in 1956.

    By Geoffrey Cavalier (10/05/2020)
  • School Class of 19??

    I am Trevor  Powell  – in the back row second from the left.  I  recognise  Kev Parker,  Patrick Allen, Fiona Brown,  Peter Thorn, Pat Brailey,  Ruth Wiggins,  Harry Casson,  Annette Hatcher,  Paul Dolby, Barry Brazier,  Barbara Coleman,  Kay Allen,  Barry Flack,  Keith Falkus,  Chris Parrish?  Brian Golder? and Fiona Brown.

    The Headmaster was Mr Clough, my form master  was Mr Whitehead and later Mr French in my last years at that school.  My late Mother was a dinner lady at the school at that time, my late Father later became caretaker after Mr Hair retired.    I think the year would be 1956.  Like several others I went to Rayleigh Sweyne Grammar/Technical  School when it opened in 1958.

    By Trevor Powell (29/07/2017)
  • I can shed a bit of light on the class photo. That’s me on the top row, second from right. It would have been taken around 1956 at Thundersley Primary school. I still recognise a lot of the faces but can’t put names to any of them exactly apart from Catherine Jones, the last girl on the right in the 3rd row, think I had a bit of a crush on her :). I lived in Common Lane with my parents at the time, number 11, The Terrace and remember walking through the woods to get to school every day. A few names I remember from the time are Paul Dalby, Colin Theobald and Peter Thorne, but being over 50 years ago can’t put the faces to the names. After finishing at primary school went to Rayleigh Sweyne Grammar Technical.

    By Kev Parker (27/01/2014)
  • Well, I can remember being there on the grass, aged 9;  can’t pick myself out. Possibly the lad hidden by the boy brushing his hair. Seem to remember being given a mug with the Queen on and a red tiny bible; could be wrong but still have the bible.

    By Roger Shinn (05/12/2013)
  • My oldest friend Malcolm Tyrie ( who was not in the picture ) recognises many of the people in the photograph and they are as follows;

    Back Row Man in white open neck shirt and lady with dark glasses seated next to him are the parents of David Godfrey.

    Front row fourth from the left hand side Pat Starkey, above her shouting is Margaret Arthur, the boy next to her with a thumb in his mouth is Russell Waite who lived down Bramble Road, next to Pat Starkey in the front row shouting is Ian Tyrie, girl in front row next to me (fair haired boy in dark pullover) is Vivian Ogles, above me is Graham Waite, seated next to the boy drinking out of a cup is Carol Bowden, directly above the boy with a cup is Janet Brown who used to live in Lansdown Avenue. Also from that road is Jackie Bailey who can be partially seen above the boy rubbing his hair on the left hand of the picture. The little girl with the blonde hair on the right hand side looking toward Janet Brown may be Linda Cook.

    By Ian Brighton (25/11/2013)
  • Hadleigh and Thundersley Ladies Church Outing probably around 1923.

    The little boy sitting in the front row fourth from the right, holding his knee and grinning at the photographer, is my father Richard Morris b. 1915;  my grandmother Maude Morris is the woman in the second row sitting in a chair fourth from the left in white with her right arm over her left and wearing glasses. We have established that the little girl sitting next to my father also facing the camera, is a relative probably a cousin on my grandmother’s “Till” side and there is also an elderly lady sitting next to the tree on the same row as Maude with a hat, glasses and holding a baby, who bears a strong resemblance to Maude and may be her mother Charlotte Till. The Tills lived at Hawkwell.

    By Natalie Digger (21/11/2013)
  • I am the fair haired little boy in the centre of the photograph and my cousin Gladys Turner is on the left hand side holding her daughter Susan. 

    By Ian Brighton (18/11/2013)
  • I am in the photo of St. Michaels Field, 3rd from the left at the front, holding a cup. My cousin Colin Theobald is the boy 1st left. My maiden name was Fuller. It was the Coronation party 1953 ? I can find out others there if you would like to know.

    By Diane Ward (27/07/2013)

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