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Not so much a contribution more of a request. Can anyone within the group assist me in an attempt to find suitable areas within Hadleigh and Thundersley to carry out my developing hobby? I have written to Salvation Army Farm to seek their permission to prospect on their land without response.

Are there any members of the group who are indeed prospectors themselves? I am a registered member of the NCMD and as such fully insured. Hoping that someone can help me in my quest.

[Editor’s note: NCMD is the┬áNational Council For Metal Detecting. NCMD membership requires each member to adhere to the NCMD Code of Conduct. Among other things, this requires the reporting of all unusual historical finds to the landowner, and acquaintance with the NCMD policy relating to the Voluntary Reporting of Portable Antiquities in England and Wales. Such reporting would be through the Portable Antiquities Scheme by telephone or through their website at]

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  • Trying very hard to achieve this Hopefully will be able to join what appears to be the nearest group based Hockley but this is by no means certain. I wish to be able to carry out my Hobby safe in the knowledge that what I do is legal. So if anyone has any contact with local landowners who may be willing to help I would be pleased to hear from them


    By Derek Parker (18/01/2016)
  • As the Secretary of the local community archaeology group, AGES Archaeological & Historical Association, I welcome people who are keen to responsibly unearth local heritage. Unfortunately, a number of early metal detectorists received bad press as “treasure hunters” who never reported the location of their finds and forever destroyed any chance of providing dating evidence to areas of undisturbed past occupation. With so few local archaeological digs, such information could have been very valuable in understanding how our area developed.

    I would encourage all those wishing to be involved in local metal detecting to join either an archaeological club or a metal detecting club who could co-ordinate such activity and ensure that proper identification and location of any significant artefacts found takes place.

    If anyone has found items locally, please submit an article to the Archive with a photo and an identification so that the rest of the community can share your findings.

    By Terry Barclay (17/01/2016)

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