Nissen Huts in Hadleigh c.1960

The Avenue, Hadleigh

Map of Nissen Huts in The Avenue - Click on pdf below for clearer image

Back in the 1960s I recall there were a pair of Nissen huts in The Avenue which were inhabited, I know, as I attempted to woo a girl from one of them but with little success! I had occasion to enter the premises just once or twice and saw it wasn’t converted particularly well for habitation having bed sheets draped over a length of cord from side to side to act as a partition. Does anyone else remember these or what happened to them and the inhabitants?


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  • Hi Ian,
    The huts you refer to were actually occupied by Mr and Mrs Cooksey and Mrs Cooksey’s parents. They had four children John, Peter, Dianne! and another daughter. I suspect the girl you fancied was Dianne, the eldest daughter.John Cooksey would be about 75/76 now and Peter 73. I was Peter’s best man for his first marriage. John emigrated to Australia when he was about twenty and apart from Peter the rest of the family including the G/parents emigrated years later. Eventually Peter emigrated and the last I heard, he was living in a town called Esperance In W A.
    The huts as you call them had a long corridor the length of one side with a living room bathroom and kitchen at the back. Mr Cooksey worked for the local council and Peter was a Gas fitter with the old North Thames Gas Board.

    By Rob Keen (10/08/2020)
  • Terry Barclay (an archive editor of this site) has linked them to pre WW2. In a 1919 Ordnance Survey map, there were 2 long thin buildings side by side where numbers 64 and 66 The Avenue now stand. This, I can confirm, are the huts to which I refer.

    By Ian Davidson (03/08/2020)
  • Whereabouts in The Avenue, Ian ?

    By Rob Keen (28/07/2020)

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