Old Post Office

Junction of Daws Heath Road & Central Avenue

I’m looking to see if you have any information about the old post office that was in a group of three at the junction of Daws Heath Road & Central Avenue.

I remember there was also a newsagents on the corner and I’ve since been advised that the post office wasn’t the middle property but was on the opposite end to the newsagents.

Any help appreciated;  especially photo’s.

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  • I have a photo, possibly of the original postcard, of Thundersley Post Office in 1916; I think.

    By Colin Crewdson (03/04/2022)
  • Hi
    I grew up on Broomfield, & remember the corner newsagents shop, a post office next to it in the middle, then a green grocers at the other end. The Greengrocers used to sell bags of coal, that my Dad used to carry home. I think that was the first of the shops to shut & be converted into a house. I babysat for the family living there. I wish I had a photo.

    By Jenny (nee Shirley) (06/02/2021)
  • Newsagents on the corner of Central Avenue, then the post office and the greengrocers on the opposite end

    By Tony Lansdowne (20/10/2014)

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