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Information: To the visitor at the Hadleigh History Fair who had photos of Porter`s shop and wanted to discover where it stood and to find out more about the family.   
The new information sites Porters in Hadleigh in 1901 and 1911 and at a  ”Hadleigh Supply Store” in the High Street in the latter census.    We would like to discuss the continuing research with the owner of the photos and suggest he contact us by either registering on the site and leaving a comment on this article or  e-mailing hadleighhistory@gmail.com

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  • Thanks very much for your information. I have still not proved exactly where the shop was situated in the High Street but I suspect it was one of the shops on the south side between the Castle Inn and End Way. They disappeared in the 1960s but if this is the right place, the shops fronted large houses so I suspect the family probably lived behind and above the shop.
    Bob Delderfield

    By Bob Delderfield (23/08/2018)
  • CB Porter was my Great grandfather 1854-1929 and he had 2 sons, Charles and Wallace. Their address was the High Street so I presume they lived at or near the shop.

    By J Ashenden (22/08/2018)
  • By David Guy (15/10/2012)
  • Bob. Earlier Belchams in the High Street was an outfitter owned by the Yeaxley family, who later built a new shop in the London Road to the east of the old Kingsway cinema. Ian.

    By Ian Hawks (12/10/2012)
  • Bob,

    Scofield and Martin’s was on the north side of the High Street at the west end of the row of shops from the Church, I may have got the order wrong and missed a shop, but next door was Dossetts the bakers then a chemist and then Belcham the post office, the last was a small second hand shop. This would be in the 1930’s.

    By Ian Hawks (10/10/2012)
  • Ian, I am grateful for the information as to the position of Schofield and Martins, something I was not aware of previously. However, that row of shops was built in 1900 and they have never had the windows that you can see in the Porter photograph which have a considerable bulge beneath the sill. There also appears to be a road on the left of the shop. Bob

    By Bob Delderfield (10/10/2012)
  • Thanks, Ian. I do not know where the grocer’s shop you refer to was situated. I would be grateful for further information if you have it, please.

    By Bob Delderfield (09/10/2012)
  • Could this be on the site in the old High Street which was later in the 1930s Scofield and Martins, grocers.

    By Ian Hawks (30/08/2012)

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