Hadleigh Camp 1942

The photograph here shows Fox Troop, 11th Battery 2nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery January 1942, Hadleigh Camp.  Also a British Legion blazer badge, Canadian Branch.

Can anyone confirm the location of the barracks or any other information on this Canadian Regiment at Hadleigh?

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  • I don’t remember how many huts there were other than at least one. They were situated at the end of the S A Rd that housed the old barns and offices etc and beyond the original Farm House. I remember going into one when I was about 11/14 which would have been in 1958-61. The one I went in still had bed frames in there. Thinking about it today would they have been on S A land simply because we were at war.

    By Robert Keen (16/09/2018)
  • My mum told me that during WW11, Canadian Troops were billeted in Tattersall Gardens. Perhaps this might help give substance to your comment, Alec.

    By Rob Keen (14/06/2018)
  • If they were at Hadleigh AA Battery, that was located here: though there is not a lot left visible.

    By Alec Beanse (13/06/2018)

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