Thundersley & Hadleigh Football Club {1}

A photo of T & H Football Team - Derek Shearing is front row - second from the right

This photo belonged to the late Derek Shearing. I have more information on the Thundersley & Hadleigh Football Club – but I was wondering if anyone could name the other team members in this photo/ or had their own memories of the club?


[Ed: the next picture is available here.]

Annual Report and Accounts for season 1957-58

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  • From information received, the above photo seems to have been taken circa 1958. Jim Donovan, who was Captain at that time, has been named as the player in the middle of the front row.

    So that other team members can be identified I have added a PDF of the club’s annual report for the season 1957-8. Some familiar Hadleigh surnames are mentioned amongst the players – perhaps someone can match a name with one of the other footballers in the photo.

    If there are any footballers out there who want to know how their local team fared in 1957-8 – check out the tables on page 1 of the PDF.

    Hi Deborah, your dad scored 4 goals in the 1957-8 season for the club! Roger Shinn remembers playing football with the Cook brothers of Daws Heath around 1958 and suggests that top left is your uncle Peter Cook.

    By Lynda Manning (03/03/2021)
  • Front left is my Dad…Donald Cook…sadly passed away 12th March 1991. Dad loved football and supported Ipswich with his brother Peter.

    By Deborah Page (23/02/2021)

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