Hadleigh Junior School staff, summer 1972.

Hadleigh Junior School staff, Summer 1972.
Nigel Seaman

This formal photograph of the teachers and support staff was almost certainly taken to mark headmaster John Denton’s retirement in summer 1972.
He is seen front row centre, with Douglas Layram on right, Miss Mott on left, and Mr Evans left of her. At the right end of the front row is Renee Beddow.
Back row from left, second is Daphne Hewitt, fourth probably Mrs Evans, fifth Mr Finlatar, ninth Joan Seaman.
If anyone can supply any more names, your contributions will be very welcome.
Nigel Seaman

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  • Mr Carlane behind Mr Denton, he was such a flamboyant character!

    By Julia (27/08/2020)
  • Behind Mr Denton is Peter Carlane.

    By Kay Banning (27/08/2020)
  • Back row far right is Mrs Allen who worked in the office.
    Back row 3rd in on left is Mrs Smith, she was my favourite teacher when I was there in the early 1980s!

    By Deborah Poulton (20/08/2020)
  • 4th in on the left Mrs Shaw. Brilliant teacher. Best days at HIS. I remember playing marbles on the drain covers. David, I also remember you!

    By Sue White (Smith) (14/07/2020)
  • Mr Harris was brilliant. I also had Miss Brum – was a great teacher; I remember my first day, she had a cast on her foot; early 70s. boy, I wish I was back then.

    By David Arthur (29/04/2020)
  • Mr Duncan Harris on the far left on the back row.

    I still have nightmares about Miss Hewitt!!!

    By Matt (04/04/2020)

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