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A Local Case for Change: A Consultation

The Policing and Crime Act 2017 allows Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC) to become the fire and rescue authority where a strong local case is made.   The 12 week consultation started 16th February 2017 and will end Wednesday 10th May 2017. 

Here is an extract from the Essex PCC’s statement:  “.. I believe that closer working between the Police and the Fire & Rescue Service can unlock significant resources to deliver better emergency services services in Essex. The potential for better joint working between the Police and Fire & Rescue is substantial.      The new Police and Crime Act means that we now have an opportunity to change how we govern our Fire and Rescue service, jointly with Essex Police.”
Roger Hirst, Police and Crime Commissioner For Essex.”                

As the Leigh Times of 7th March 2017 puts it “We can have our say in the potential merger of Essex Police and Essex County Fire & Rescue Service.”   The current public consultation asks you to consider three options and provide views by 10th May 2017.  To see the consultation documents and give your views on the on-line Consultation Questionnaire, visit:

This article includes an informal glossary of terms used in the 68 page Local Business Case for Joint Governance paper. 

Printed consultation forms and explanatory leaflets are also available at local public libraries.   For reference, here is the summary diagram of Essex County Fire & Rescue Service 2020 Strategy.

Leaflet Page 1 of 2
Leaflet Page 2 of 2
Essex Fire Authority 2020 Fire Strategy at a glance

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