June 2019 Local History Day

Hadleigh Library's developing series of famous Hadleigh History Days for the Community

June 2019 Local History Day, Hadleigh Library

Hadleigh Library Local History Day

Sat 1st June 2019  10am-4pm

Free Entry

Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive group

Talks & Slideshows during the day

Books & Greetings cards for Sale

AGES AHA group – Archaeological Display

Display of Historic Photos

Echo Archive Photos and Articles to view

Using the ‘New Look’ Archive website

Bring photos etc for scanning and memories for saving

Wanted – memories and reports of D-Day

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  • Many years ago on the way to see the Bayeux Tapestry with a friend we stopped off in Caen. Realising how near we were to Bénouville where the landings took place, we took a cab to view the old bridge and visit the museum. Having done that and the weather not being very nice we popped into Café Gondrée for a coffee. The lady that served also happened to be the daughter of the original owners and although we were the only customers at the time she sat with us. Under the circumstances we were aware of a very privileged conversation with us regarding the invasion. She was quite young at the time but was able tell us that there were only about fifteen German soldiers actually guarding the bridge; however, not many kilometres away, countless German troops were ready to act when called upon. She, Arlette, also told us that her mother Thérèse came originally from Alsace in Eastern France and, up until WW 2, German was the language spoken there. As a result, during the war anything she heard was passed on to Arlette’s father Georges who was able to pass any information on to the resistance being a member anyway.
    Finally after a wonderful couple of hours we had to leave. Eventually we got to Bayeux but not before visiting some war cemeteries. You can imagine how many there must be in this part of Normandy due to all the beaches used to land the Allied troops. To this day I have no idea how long we travelled up and down the aisles but it really was extremely hard to find any wretched soul over the age of Twenty Six. The Bayeux Tapestry just paled into insignificance after that.
    How profound then that phrase “For our today they gave their tomorrow.”

    By Rob Keen (02/06/2019)

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