Pictures of Hadleigh

Hadleigh Central

Postcards acquired in May 2022 show  progressive views through Hadleigh;
an elegant and glazed bus-stop at Hadleigh Corner;
different traffic flows, a distant view of the Kingsway Cinema
and then the view of the Kingsway from the top of the cinema!

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  • Lovely to see these old photos. I remember Ivy Bond’s clothes shop but I remember it being on the opposite side of the road. Can anyone confirm this? Also did the fish and chip shop change site to further along? There was a toy shop on that side of the road, too and I think a greengrocer. Yeaxlees, the haberdashery shop, was on a corner adjacent to the Kingsway cinema on the other side.

    By Carol Powley [Southward] (24/06/2022)

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