A Country Lane

Castle Lane and Castle Road West

Leslie Hawks and Erica
Ian Hawks
Castle Road meets Castle Lane (2011)
Ian Hawks
72 Castle Road West

The attached photo was taken in the late 1920s of my father and sister Erica. It is at the North East corner of Castle Lane and Castle Road West, looking across from Dorlie {No. 72.} Note the lack of houses in the Lane.

In the 1930s, Mr. Mason a local builder bought the land and built the bungalows that now stand there. Mr Mason lived at the south corner of Beech Road and Castle Lane with his family. The family included:
– a son who ran an engineering workshop in the garage at the end of the garden,
– Cissy, the elder daughter, who married Cyril Wiggins a builder of Thundersley,
– Ruby who married Mr. Latchford who ran a greengrocers shop in Thundersley and
– Joy.

A few years ago I met Joy at a choir concert in Hadleigh; we arranged to meet up and have a chat about Hadleigh but, sorry to say, Joy was taken ill and died soon after.

Photo added 29/04/2011.

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  • I have found some additional information, my great grandfather bought the plot of land in December 1919 and then sold it or transferred it to his daughter, my grandmother, in September 1921 presumably after the house, Dorlie, had been built. I always understood it to have been a wedding present which would fit in as my father was born in 1923. I wonder if the ‘west’ originated from that time.

    By Susan Fogg née Hawks (19/05/2018)
  • My grandparents, Mr and Mrs Hawks, lived at Dorlie, Castle Road and it was my father who wrote the original article. I agree that it was known as Castle Road but I did have some letters (which may still be in my files) which were addressed to Castle Road West so possibly it was used to identify at which end of the road their house was.

    By Susan Fogg née Hawks (19/05/2018)
  • Rob there are 8 houses in the unmade part of Castle Road, I’ve lived here for 40 years and my Son has a house three from me, Castle Road West: Never !

    By Roger Shinn (19/05/2018)
  • The second bungalow in belongs to my Sister-in-law but she or my brother when he was alive never found the need to mention Castle Rd West.

    By Rob Keen (23/04/2018)

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