The Hollies, Rectory Road

Home of the Munday family in the 1920s

Councillor and Mrs. Munday and their two daughters lived in The Hollies in 1930. My mother was a great friend of Joan, the elder daughter.

We used to go round for afternoon tea with the family in the front room, which is now Dr. Lester’s surgery.

In the summer months there would be garden parties in the large back garden. The photo shows Joan fooling around at one of these.

Mr. and Mrs. Munday
Ian Hawks
Joan Munday
Ian Hawks
Hollies Surgery 2011
Ian Hawks

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  • My maternal Great-Grandad, Grand-Mother and their two sons Frank and Robert lived at the Hollies in 1911 when he ran it as a Market Gardener and Florist! 

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    By Sam Byford (01/09/2017)

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