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Who, Where and When? Somewhere in South East Essex
John Knott Collection

This image is from an old sepia postcard belonging to John and Kate Knott of Daws Heath. Kate especially is “into” their family histories. They kindly lent it to the Community Archive for scanning and retouching.

John’s family have lived round about Hadleigh and Thundersley for well over a century.

Almost certainly, one of his ancestors is depicted in this photo (which came from his family album) but, as there is no information on the back to suggest where and when it was taken, John is very much “in the dark”.

(This is, of course, a gentle reminder to all of us to write something “useful” on the back of our precious photos. We ourselves might know everything about our photos, but they will likely be a mystery to the person who finds them in a dusty attic in a hundred years time!)

If you click on the picture it will open as a higher resolution and you may zoom in. Can you throw any light upon our mystery?

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  • A very interesting photo, the location looks very much like Hadleigh School but I don’t recognise anyone. However I had a friend by the name of Allan Knott and he lived in The Avenue; he had, I think, two sisters. I remember him well; he was called up to do his National Service in the Navy. Could there be a connection?

    By david guy (20/05/2014)

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