Dodds Grove

Walk in the wood

October 23rd 2011   In Hadleigh, a stroll down Rectory Road and along Poors Lane takes you to the woods; keep on the Poors Lane track, which is also a bridle path, and on your left, past Oak Tree Farm is a swing gate into Dodds Grove. In the Grove it is warm, dry underfoot, and sunny, with loads of acorns and sweet chestnuts strewn around.

It has not rained much recently and the Prittle Brook is mostly just a trickle through Dodds Grove; some parts are a bit deeper and small pools are formed.

There is a sign at the eastern exit from Dodds Grove, where the brook goes under Poors Lane and walkers cross the track into the main part of the Great Wood.  We are still about 600 metres from the Southend Borough boundary.

A dog splashes through the brook, there are a few birds and an unexpectedly thin grey squirrel. We head home through the Great Wood, using the Warren Road / Sanctuary Road exit.

Dodds Grove around here

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  • Dodds Grove once belonged to the Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s in the City. It was just 2 rods short of 10 acres when it was listed in the Hadleigh Tithe Returns of 1847.

    By Bob Delderfield (01/04/2020)

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