Hadleigh, views of summer

Three evocative views taken around May/June of 1964

Gary Faux
Gary Faux
View east along London Road by the S.A fields
Gary Faux

The first is of Hadleigh Church bus stop. Traffic certainly was not such a problem then.  We see London Road in Hadleigh Town centre which was then a two-way road; as was the High Street, to the left of the bus stop at Hadleigh Church.

The road signs atop the shelter indicate Salvation Army Citadel, Daws Heath Road and High Street. The green bus heading west was an Eastern National 25A, which I think may have been turning right into Rectory Road.

The second picture shows an old car (Austin 7 maybe??) travelling past the church in a westward direction. 

The third photo shows a view east along London Road by the Salvation Army fields.  A Southend Transport No. 1 bus is heading towards Hadleigh on its way to Rayleigh. Does anybody know who the lady and young girl are? Or maybe what school uniform the girl is wearing?  Some years later the houses on the immediate left of this picture were demolished to make way for a development of flats. An event which has been repeated many times in Hadleigh over the years.  Finally, the lovely green area between Hadleigh and the Leigh boundary could have been a bus-lane now, if the planners had had their way. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, as this is the only ‘oasis’ between Hadleigh and Southend.

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  • The picture of the Hadleigh bus shelter brought back some wonderful memories. As a teenager in the mid 60s my friends and I spent many hours in and around Hadleigh. A visit to the town was not complete without a coffee at Lucky’s Grill, which was just next door to where Western Dance School is today. I think it is now a wine bar. When the pocket money ran out we would gather in the bus shelter shown in the top picture and while away an hour or two. I also remember the well situated opposite what was the “Waggon & Horses”. A sign on the side said ‘Danger Deep Water’ and I remember being frightened to get too close to it. I have tried without success to find a picture of that old well, does anyone have one that could be added to this site?

    By Eileen Gamble (11/01/2012)

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