Boxing at Tarpots Hall, New Thundersley

3rd and 31st October, 28th November - but what year?

Tarpots Hall with all its mod. cons. was officially opened on 22 February 1929 in New Thundersley at Tarpots Corner, on the north side of the London Road.

Quite a few names feature on these posters. Does anyone recognize anyone? Stoker Danny Watson, Bill Hammond, Bob Mason, Bob Leslie, Reg. Johnson and Buddy Martin topped the bills. 

Today the place of Tarpots Hall has been taken by the Co-op Supermarket. What was its fate?

There is a fine story by Jenny Day about Tarpots Hall on South Benfleet’s Community Archive website.

Weren’t there boxing matches held in a building next to a gym at the top of Castle Lane, Hadleigh, where the block of flats now stands?

(Thanks to G. Houghton for the illustrations, click on them for larger images. )

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  • My Grandad Reg Johnson was fighting Sonny Doke at The Cricketers Inn Friday April 7th 1933. (8 pm sharp)! Don’t know which came first or which came after. This is the time period.

    By Alex Johnson (22/06/2018)
  • My Grandad was Reg Johnson. I don’t know the date. But I’d be fascinated to find out more history. Or perhaps a copy of the original flier? Reg was from a fishing family in Old Leigh Essex.

    By Alex Johnson (22/06/2018)
  • – The 31. october was a Monday in 1932. – Leslie Mann(Plymouth) active 1923 – 1932 total bouts 13 – Bob Mason(Southend) active 1932 – 1934 total bouts 8 Could be the year 1932 …

    By Dieter (09/09/2011)
  • Why didn’t I think of that? Sounds like a good year, 1932. A bit before my time, but only a bit. Thanks.

    By Robert Hallmann (17/08/2011)
  • Somebody cleverer than me might want to check this out, but Oct 3, 31 and Nov 28 were all Mondays in 1932. So that’s my guess Robert, 1932, the first year after 1929 that Monday co-incided with these dates.

    By David Hurrell (11/08/2011)

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