Hart Road, Thundersley Village

Photos taken from the front garden of number 85, opposite The White Hart

In 1950, we moved from Hadleigh into No 85 Hart Road; one of the Wiggins-built new houses. The second photo was taken just after we moved in, the third when a petrol station and workshop were built on the field.

These were demolished in 2004 and replaced by a block of retirement flats.

No. 85 is now a Doctor’s surgery.

Building of 85 at the north corner of Hart Road and Park Road.
The field next to The White Hart.
The Garage and service station 1960's
Retirement flats 2011
Doctor's surgery, 2010
Wiggins-built house, Hart Road, Thundersley

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  • I’m Alfred from Malta who gave the job as a mechanic to Mr Khan, who had just came to UK circa 66/67. I was managing the garage then. Mr Khan took over after I left. If he is still with us he can contact me on grechalf43@gmail.com

    By Alfred Grech (15/04/2022)
  • I agree that the photo of the garage was taken later. Dad (Ian Hawks) spent a great deal of time reprinting, filing and re-filing his photos so occasionally mistakes were made. I have his photo albums and will have a look through them to see if I can be clearer about the date.

    By Susan Fogg née Hawks (20/08/2021)
  • Yes S Khan, the garage photo does look much later than 1960s, like you say more 1990s because of the Citroen.
    I remember in the 1970s it had a vintage white Mercedes SSK ? Very rare in the showroom window for a while, this could have been the one owned by Bob Burrell of South Benfleet (he also built and restored vintage Bentleys and is still in Benfleet.)

    By Jonathan Cowley (19/08/2021)
  • I moved into 154 Hart Road in 1953 [aged 3 ] …I remember the open field pictured and spent some time playing there on my home-made go-kart complete with pram wheels [c1961.] As a teenager [1967] I used to put 10bobs {10 shillings or 50p} worth of petrol in my motorcycle at the service station [ the lady that worked there [reddish hair I think] was very friendly and let us ‘hang around’ sometimes. Rode through village to visit parents in St Peter’s and can’t help thinking that the flats are not an improvement to what was there before..

    By Michael Souter (27/01/2018)
  • Hello

    I am sure the photo of the service station is newer than the 1960s 

    I’m sure the pumps were removed in the 1980s and the car in it is a Citroen Xantia which came out in the early 90s 

    The only reason I have a lot of interest in this, is that my uncle was the owner and mechanic there for many years.  The window to the right was my other uncle’s dry cleaners and my grandad used to live in the flat at the top right.

    Hope this is of help 

    S Khan

    By S khan (06/05/2015)

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