The changing face of Thundersley Village

No.57 Hart Road

In 1986 demolition started on the offices and yard of local builder C. W. Wiggins which included a mini industrial estate.

The old barn and farmhouse which was part of Raymond’s farm on this site in the late 1890s were also demolished.

The land was then taken over by BUPA for the building of a nursing home, Godden Lodge.

Wiggins Offices, 1960s
Ian Hawks
Yard entrance
Ian Hawks
Old Raymonds farm house
Ian Hawks
Wiggins yard showing farm barn
Ian Hawks
Demolition of building 1986
Ian Hawks
Godden Lodge,1997
Ian Hawks
Site of Wiggins {and Raymond's Farm}

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  • To Alan {who wrote that he did his apprenticeship in 1967;} who trained you if you don’t mind me asking, was it my husband in 1967? Mrs Leggett

    By Jackie Leggett (10/05/2022)
  • I did my apprenticeship with Wiggins, starting in 1967.
    So I was quite familiar with the buildings, including the training centre they built there.
    I also did some work in the cottage next door, in which the mother of one of the Wiggins family lived. It had a chapel attached to the back, where certain members of the company were expected to attend once a week.
    They weren’t a bad company to work for.

    My mother-in-law is now (as of April 2022) resident in Godden Lodge. An excellent care home.

    By Alan (04/04/2022)

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