The Gem on the Hill

St Peter's Church in Winter

Quite apart from its ancient history, Thundersley’s little ‘church on the hill’ – now with its modern extension not so small anymore – is one of Essex’s hidden gems, not least in winter.

In the early 1980s, at least for one still day, even the figures of St Michael and St Peter on the weathervane kept their covering of snow. For a photographer it was a delight not to be missed.

A timeless image of St Peter's church
© Robert Hallmann
St Peter's in black-and-white...
© Robert Hallmann
The now badger-ravaged churchyard was transformed.
© Robert Hallmann
Fire destroyed a shed or barn on Church Road between church and church hall a few days before the snow fell. Was it, as rumoured, the Vicar's car caught up in the blaze?
© Robert Hallmann
A page from my 1984 book 'The Landscape of Britain'.
© Robert Hallmann
In 1998 one of the pictures of St Peter's in snow came to represent the Festive Season on the Christmas CD of the Choir of King's College Chapel, Cambridge.
© Robert Hallmann
Another Thundersley image from that winter. Can anyone tell me where it is or was?
© Robert Hallmann

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  • Hi, Darren, my answer would be the same as for Jon Stamp. At the time it was on sale at WH Smiths in Southend, but perhaps King’s College might still have some? I’m sorry, Robert H

    By Robert Hallmann (15/11/2015)
  • is the christmas CD still available please ?

    By Darren Neill (15/10/2015)
  • Hi, Jon, the only thing I can think of is to get in touch with King’s College, Cambridge, direct. It’s a few years ago, now. Robert

    By Robert Hallmann (24/03/2012)
  • This church is always very close to me, and just when I think I know its complete history another wonderful secret unfolds.

     Is the CD still availble? Does anyone know? I would love a copy. I have tried finding one but not much luck.

    By Jon Stamp (21/03/2012)

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