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Heath Court London Road, south side near Chapel Lane
Dorothy Turner
Cleve Court retirement flats, corner of London Road and New Road
Dorothy Turner
Now Cleve Court

I moved to Hadleigh 35 years ago, and much has changed in that time.  Natives of the area have probably seen even more changes. On the right are pictures of new buildings.  Do you remember what was there before?   Please add a comment with your memories, or, if you live there, give your comments on what it is like and your views of the area.

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  • Hadleigh Hall was purchased by William Booth around 1899, as part of his ‘In Darkest England’ programme. It was used as the governor’s residence, and had out buildings, workshops and stables. It was leased to Dr William James in 1937 and in partnership with Dr Sam McGladdery opened a surgery. It was pulled down in 1961.

    By Graham Cook (19/02/2021)
  • What happened to Hadleigh Hall? Dr McGladdery lived there during the war when the owner, also a Doctor, was in the war. His wife was the sister of Sir William Garthwaite, a Lloyd’s insurance broker. Hadleigh Hall was a significant house with stables.

    By Peter Coffey (05/02/2021)
  • Sad is the fact that Harold House the home I grew up in from a small baby is no longer.  I have fond memories of the place how my mother tended the garden, a start up site for my fathers business and home to an awesome family.

    A home with warmth and history, but now home to many and elderly with memories and stories to tell. perhaps in years to come this place these places will have stories to tell.

    Good ones I hope.

    By Jim Hyslop (30/06/2014)
  • Listen good people, nothing stays the same for ever, if it did no one would be in Hadleigh at all. My mother’s paternal family came here to retire in 1880 and settled in The Limes at the corner of Castle Lane and Beech Rd. Her maternal family as I understand, lived in the middle cottage at the tapered end of the Endway. If anybody had reason to moan it would be the people like them. My mum was born here and only ever lived two houses, the one she was born in and the one we were brought up in . Yes, she would always refer to Hadleigh as a village and loved the place to bits but wasn’t so silly as not to appreciate what good the changes to Hadleigh made. By all means keep your memories, I still have mine but don’t get too misty-eyed about the place, nothing lasts for ever.

    By Rob Keen (21/06/2013)
  • Well worded David, having been born in Hadleigh 1923, I can remember all the old Hadleigh buildings that have been pulled down never to be seen again. It’s a pity that photography was not as popular in those days as it is now.

    By Ian Hawks (05/08/2012)
  • I genuinely shake my head in sorrow every time I walk past these two blocks of retirement homes. Cleve Court replaces an old public house, the Waggon & Horses (sic) and Heath Court (which has, in my opinion, one of the ugliest “roof lines” to be seen for miles around) replaces the splendid Harold House (known as the Dutchy). We lost both these locally historic buildings because of our weak planning laws and a lack of vigilance (and political will) on the part of both the Council and the populace. Yet the loss of these buildings was perhaps a “wake up call” for Hadleighites to take more of an interest in their heritage. This fantastic website, run by local volunteers, will play a strong part in encouraging our local communities to believe that their history is not only important, but worth celebrating and preserving.

    By David Hurrell (04/08/2012)

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