Six fascinating "Then and Now" Photos

Jon Wennington Comparative 1
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Jon Wennington Comparative 3
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Jon Wennington Comparative 6

For this batch of six “Then and Now” photos the descriptions follow in the order they appear.    All “Now” photos were taken in late 2023.

1 – The Woodmans Arms.    No date for the historic photo but we assume it to be around 1910.
A nice easy “now” photo;   just needed to wait for a bit of a gap in the traffic to get a decent shot of the building.

2 – Hadleigh Corner 1964.   An easy enough Now photo although I gave up waiting for a big gap in the traffic so it’s not as good as I would have liked. Still much prefer the vehicles in the 1964 photo!

3 – Hadleigh High Street 1920s is my favourite photo of Hadleigh, mainly because from this angle of the photo it is in fact little changed.   The then photo is a great image and it’s nice to be able to read the storyboard relating to Queen Victoria in front of the shop.

4 – Hadleigh High Street, would assume this to be 1920s as well.  The row of shops were of course built in 1900, I was able to get the perfect angle for this photo without the need to be in the road!

5 – Attwoods in The Broadway, I believe this photo to be 1930s.   A very easy image to take now although I would much prefer if the shop building still existed.

6 – Hadleigh junction with Rectory Road.   The source of the then photo stated that this is dated 1928 but I’m uncertain if this is correct.   The then image shows some of the small character buildings that used to exist along here.

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