Thundersley in the Domesday Book


Read for context and explanation of terms in the Domesday survey (Available through Essex Libraries)
Thundersley is "THUNRESLEA" on the map, "LEA²" is Hadleigh.
By kind permission of the Essex Record Office

As we fill in our 2011 Census forms on 27th March, we can only imagine who might be reading our information in 900 years time and what has become of the landscape we know.  So we are fortunate to be able to look back over 900 years to see what the Domesday survey had to say about Thundersley in 1086:

Swein holds Thundersley in demense, which Godric, a thegn of the king, held TRE as 1 manor and as 5 hides and 15 acres.  Then as now [there were] 2 ploughs in demense and the men [had] 2 ploughs and [there were] 5 villans and 5 bordars.  [There were] then 4 slaves; now 2.  [There is] pasture for 200 sheep, woodland for 50 pigs.  [There were] then 2 horses and 7 head of cattle and 16 pigs and 200 sheep and 2 hives of bees. [There are] now 3 horses and 1 horse, 14 head of cattle, 36 pigs, 200 sheep, 2 hives of bees.  It was then worth 102s; now 100s.

TRE = Time of King Edward, i.e. before King Harold

Translation provided by Essex Record Office.

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  • I am a member of Thundersley U3A and also the leader of a group researching our local history. So any information from yourselves would be great.

    By Hilary Powell (13/03/2014)
  • The beehives are still there. I saw them last week.

    By Robert Hallmann (25/04/2011)

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