Thundersley Village

Langford Crescent

Langford Crescent before and after the road was made up, looking West.

Taken from No.2 circa 1960
Same view 2012

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  • Yes I remember ‘Auntie Stella’. I lived with my Grandparents (James and Tina Nutter) in Langford Crescent during the 60s. Other families and individuals I remember are; Hawks, Rust, Carlin,Stepian, Richardson, Pummery, May Boon, Mitchells, Mr and Mrs Grey, Monks (Ronnie Monk) and the Sellys.I have loads of old photos and precious memories from those days.

    By Denny Warner (03/04/2015)
  • Anyone remember the Coomber family who lived in Langford Crescent before it was made up?  There was the father, mother Stella (I believe) and son Mick.

    By Eileen Acreman (nee Aldridge) (24/04/2014)

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