Hadleigh United F.C.

Grant's Field, off Scrub Lane

Hadleigh United F.C. used to play on what was called Grant’s Field, on the north side  of Scrub Lane at the junction with Seymour Road. Scrub Lane at this time was, of course, unmade and nothing more than a narrow track, with the woods on one side and fields on the other. Grant’s Field was used for grazing horses which had to be  escorted from the field before play could commence. Behind the goal at the eastern end was a very large pond, and inevitably the football would end up in the pond  often during the game and had to be retrieved with great difficulty, as the pond, which people paid to fish in, was very deep and wide. The club used to play an annual friendly fixture against a team named Chelsea Rose Villa, which attracted large crowds of more than three figures, including away supporters. After the match there was a dinner dance held at the old public hall.  What stuck in my youthful mind was the name of the dance band which was the Blue Dragons, and this was more than seventy five years ago. The photograph would have been taken in the twenties and those pictured that I can  name are:- front row from the left, Jack Flatt, who had a shop on the London Road selling boots and shoes and assorted metal ware. Third man in was Gordon Blackler and next to him my father, Hector Faux. These two started a builders and decorating firm in 1945 when the war finished. The player kneeling at the end of the line was Bert Schooling. Top row in third place is ??? Simpson who won a seat on the council in 1945. Fifth man is my Grandfather Jack Faux.., eighth man is my grandfathers brother Alick Faux, who played goalkeeper in earlier years. The last man standing, wearing the bowler hat, was Councillor Munday. He, I believe, lived in ‘The Hollies’ which is now the surgery.

Hadleigh United F.C.
Alan Faux

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