Hadleigh Albion Football Team

A group shot of 1923

The Hadleigh Albion Football Team in 1923.
Back row, centre (in white) is Jack Stevens. Middle row, first left, is Ben Chalk. Middle row, second from right is Bob Nash. Thanks to Gill and Colin Blackall for the loan of the photographs. If you know anything about the team, or can identify anyone else, please add your information or get in touch.

The Hadleigh Albion Team in 1923
Gill and Colin Blackall
Hadleigh Albions in 1923. From left: Ben Chalk, Jack Stevens and Bob Nash
Gill and Colin Blackall

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  • I played for Hadleigh Albion in 1970s. Evolved from Hadleigh Salvation Army Torchbearers Youth Club playing initially on Salvation Army field. As our age increased became Hadleigh Albion playing at Scrub Lane. Changing rooms next to temporary ambulance station.
    Handy for me as I lived almost opposite.

    By Graham Ross (24/08/2018)
  • A nice group main picture of the 1923 Hadleigh Albion footy team, one which I haven’t seen before. Interesting info of where it was taken as the only ones I have seen were taken at the John Burrows ground. Great to have most of the team names recorded, the ‘wedgie’ type shorts in the second pic don’t look very comfortable, perhaps their Mums made them!

    By spencer welsh (29/10/2014)
  • This will be Isaac born 1906. He was the son of Isaac who I know was deceased by 1911 as Isaac and his brother Harry were living with their mother who was shown as widowed at their grandmother’s house. Their grandmother was Mary and grandfather George. George is my great, great grandfather. Any more info on the Blackshaws around Barling/Hadleigh would be appreciated.

    By Darran Blackshaw (02/09/2012)
  • Isaac was my great uncle, he died around 1997. His father was also named Isaac,  who I believe was a hairdresser in Hadleigh. He also had a brother Harry, who was my grandfather.  The family did indeed originate from Barling; any more information would be appreciated.

    By roger dodd (30/11/2011)
  • From his date of birth and the date of the picture this Isaac Blackshaw would have been 45 years old, while the man in the picture looks younger. The footballer might be his son? With a marriage at St James, Hadleigh, that could well be the case. Needs more research. Perhaps somebody knew or knows the Blackshaws of Hadleigh?

    By Robert Hallmann (15/10/2011)
  • Isaac Blackshaw, this could be Isaac, born 1878 Barling, Rochford, died 1905 Watford district Herts; who married Mary Elizabeth/Elizabeth Mary Ashby born 1878 Bedmond, Abbotts Langley Herts, on the 25/12/1900, St James Hadley.

    By Nick Ashby (14/10/2011)
  • Bottom row third from left is my great uncle, Isaac Blackshaw.  I also have that photo.

    By roger dodd (12/09/2011)
  • Robert Nichols has kindly identified all but one of the Hadleigh ‘Albion’ Team of 1922-3.
    Back row from left: Mr. Harvey; R. Russell; R. Baker; G. Stevens; G. Knapton; Unidentified player; Alf, Branch Secretary.
    Middle row from left: Ben Chalk; Jack Gilchrist; J. Russell; R. Nash; W. Gibbs.
    Front row from left: Tom Welsh; H. Warr; Isaac Blackshaw; W. Welsh; H. Joiner; W. Carter.
    Bob thinks the pictures were taken at Harveys’ Farm, now Thames Drive, Leigh-on-Sea. Thanks, Bob, for such a swift response.

    By Robert Hallmann (01/06/2011)

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