A great day in Hadleigh

Elm Road Coronation celebration

Can you recognise youself in this photograph? Many children and their families, not only from Elm Road but also Beech Road and Short Road, came together to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in June 1953.

I seem to remember that the event was organized by Mrs Huggins aka “Huggie”. She is squatting down on the left hand side of the photograph. I am sitting on the ground, second in on the left next to a boy.  Next to me are Jeanette and Miriam Chambers, daughters of Ron the ‘Whistling Postman’.  I can still remember the names of quite a number of those in the photo. My Mother and I lived in Elm Road with my Grandmother – Mrs Dawson.

Jill Sampson

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  • Hello Barbara, lovely to read your comment. I remember the good times we shared together at The Salvation Army – in the Singing Company and Timbrel Group. Believe it or not I am still playing the tambourine. I remember when you had your leg in plaster for quite some time, and Mr Thorogood transported you up to the Hall each week. I now live in Suffolk but love returning to Hadleigh whenever I can. From Jill

    By Jill Sampson (12/11/2013)
  • Hello Jill, I lived with my family in Castle Lane. I remember nearly all the names in the photo. The little boy you are sitting next to is Trevor Toop. I remember Mrs Huggins very well as she took me to the Salvation Army when I was 3 years old. How nice to see this photo with us all as children together. From Barbara .

    By Barbara Kimble nee McCormick (11/10/2013)
  • Yes, I gave it to you, I know all of them.

    By Peter Dawson (16/06/2013)

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