Hadleigh Postcard Memories

By Robert Nichols

The book -- not with a banana
R Nichols
A remarkable offer for two remarkable books
Essex 100

This is the book that the Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive helped Robert Nichols create from part of his postcard collection.  Bob’s remarkable book delivers a stunning evocation of buildings and people, past and present, using his unique viewpoint as a local lad with global experience.

He was taught at Hadleigh School, then worked during the day and studied in the evening. Engineering training at Southend Technical College, and an always evident enthusiasm for life, served him well in volunteering for the RAF in 1940. His war service took him to Burma and India to lead teams recovering and rebuilding crashed fighter planes.
It is on sale locally at Ann’s Mini Market (Daws Heath),  and – when COVID restrictions permit – Hadleigh Library  and Leigh Heritage Centre. For more distant readers, the link to Essex Hundred Publications is below.

Hadleigh Postcard Memories is a refreshingly original and accessible book that introduces the famous Olympic village of Hadleigh in Essex. This is the only publication from a unique Hadleigh author, Robert Nichols, (1921 – 2018.) Using 160 examples selected from his personal collection of postcards, Bob evoked the feeling of a bygone era in a way that shows how the spirit of Hadleigh has developed and lives on.

Take Hadleigh Postcard Memories with you to overlay the current built environment with the historic equivalent and appreciate more fully how it has developed into what you see about you. Or, settle down at home to walk through history, see the Cingalee Tea Gardens and wonder at the ladies strolling down the middle of Hadleigh High Street around a century ago. This superbly produced book glows with life and has an irresistible appeal.

Hadleigh Postcard Memories is available to purchase alone; ordering on the Essex Hundred Publications web-site includes two bonus greetings cards.

There is now a special combined offer available here at Essex 100;  HADLEIGH POSTCARD MEMORIES  and THUNDERSLEY & DAWS HEATH, A HISTORY for  £25.00

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  • I have just looked through my copy of this lovely book. Although these images were from well before my time, there are many reminders of the Hadleigh that I knew from the fifties onwards. It is nice to have them all in one book.

    By Susan Fogg nee Hawks (03/09/2013)

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