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This is one of several archives in the South East Essex Community Archive Network {SEECAN}   which can be found here.
These vigorous,  dynamic heritage and memory websites contain photos, memories, stories and historical information related to our local areas;  and they are all FREE to browse! Each archive has links to the other SEECAN archives and similarly appropriate resources.

About us

The Hadleigh & Thundersley not-for-profit archive is managed by a group of volunteers with a broad range of experiences. People in the areas of Thundersley, Daws Heath and Hadleigh have particular interests in seeing presentations, visiting our pop-up displays at fairs and learning more about the area through buying our publications.

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Most years we present themed topics to audiences numbering around 100.  We’re always interested in new recruits, whether for working on displays, editing the web-site or as potential attendees at a talk.  So, if you’re interested in volunteering or have questions or information you can share,  please contact us at

Contributing to the site

You can add a comment about anything on the website by clicking on the ‘Add a comment’ link at the bottom of each page. You can also submit your own photos, stories or information to the site by using our contribution form.

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  • Could you tell me who owns the fire engine reg AVW980L; as I would love to contact them.

    By Gadgetmandb (01/05/2023)

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