How to see the {2014} Draft CastlePoint Local Plan

Read, Register, Comment.. EXTENDED to 28th March 2014

This is how to review and comment on CastlePoint’s new (2014) Draft Local Plan before 28th March 2014.
Paper copies are at the Council Offices, Hadleigh Regeneration Shop and the Canvey Regeneration Shop.

Online:  Go to
as noted by our Town Planner, at the end of this article.
To make comments on the plan, you will first need to register, clicking on the key Login / Register button just under the green heading.

Click on “Draft New Local Plan”  (highlighted in blue in the text on the same page.)


There is now a menu list on the left side.

If you have comments and would like to express your views about e.g. adding local buildings to the local list (for example, the Crown Public House and the Fire Station which are currently NOT on the list…)

Scroll down to Appendix 7 Non-Designated Historic Assets which is bottom of that list, and click on that.

Then scroll down for the section which interests you, for example 7.3 Hadleigh and 7.4  Thundersley.
You can click to “Add Comments” just above each section; and, if not already, you will be prompted to log in or register.

IMPORTANT: Your comments need to be SAVED: click on Save as draft and then submitted: click on Tick Submit on or before 28th March 2014; and will not show for several days until someone has a chance to moderate them and upload (a bit like our Archive!). HE6 which lays out the  criteria for the Non Designated Historic Assets is in Section 19 but it is reproduced below for easy access.

HE6: Non-Designated Historic Assets

Policy Context

19.16 The National Policy Planning Framework affords the greatest level of protection to designated historic assets. However, it recognises that historic assets generally can have wider social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits, and that they can contribute towards the character of place.

19.17 Paragraph 135 is clear that the effect of an application on the significance of a non-designated heritage asset should be taken into account in determining the application. A balanced judgement is required in respect of scale of any harm or loss, and the significance of the asset.

Evidence Base

19.18 The 1998 Adopted Local Plan identified a Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest, which was subject to review by English Heritage. Those assets on the list were not identified as designated historic assets at that time. However, their local significance, historically and/or architecturally were considered worthy of a level of protection when considering development proposals.

19.19 It should be noted that since the adoption of the 1998 Local Plan in 1998, 3 WWII Anti-Aircraft gun emplacements and associated structures have been designated as Scheduled Ancient Monuments by English Heritage and 1 has been designated as a Grade II Listed Building. 1 building on the Local List has been demolished, and a further WWII Anti-Aircraft site has been removed from the list after further investigation revealed that it was actually sited just outside the borough boundary.

19.20 Review of the Local List of Buildings of Architectural or Historic Interest was undertaken in January-February 2013 to establish whether the listing information was up to date and whether the records listed were still worthy of remaining on the list.  Furthermore a review of the borough was undertaken in house and in consultation with local community archives, to ascertain if there were any other records to be considered for inclusion on the Local List.

19.21 An updated List of non-designated assets is included at appendix 7.

Amanda Raffielli, our Town Planner, wrote: Castle Point Local List of Non-Designated Historic Assets Review may be viewed on the Council’s website at reference number CP/20/003.
{Ed: Caution; this is a 13 Mb file.}
The review applied a clear and objective methodology to the consideration and identification of buildings and other structures for inclusion on the local list of non-designated historic assets. It was this review that has informed the list that is shown at appendix 7 of the draft New Local Plan. If you have any comments or concerns regarding the proposed local list, or indeed any other proposals or draft policies in the draft New Local Plan, I would ask that you submit them through the Council’s online consultation system. You can access this using the following weblink:  

Crown Hotel (1949). Removed from the Local List
The Joyce Bardell Collection
Hadleigh Fire Station around 1931, also not on the list
Proposed for the local list, but rejected
Crown Hotel, historic and gone

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