Salvation Army Railway Track remains found

Can they be saved, restored and somehow displayed?

Well, there is hope. Neighbour Roger Shinn noticed some metal rails he thought might be from one of the old Salvation Army tracks and in dire need of rescuing. David Hurrell supplied contacts and it seems the items were to be collected for scrap until we intervened. David added his worries. Now we’ve been told: ‘Yes the railway sleepers were recovered from the construction works, as was the original pully wheel. The intention is to find a use for the railway lines in the near future.’
Would it not be a good idea to keep some of Hadleigh’s Salvation Army industrial history and maybe resurrect it so it can tell its own story?

Hadleigh Salvation Army Railways in their heyday
Salvation Army colony track inspected (with David Hurrell)
Malcolm Brown
Salvation Army colony track join
Malcolm Brown
A length of Rail Track
Malcolm Brown
Salvation Army colony track points lever
Malcolm Brown
Salvation Army colony track points lever with David Hurrell
Malcolm Brown
Salvation Army Colony wheel
Malcolm Brown

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  • Have you measured the gauge? It looks about 2′.

    {Ed: 2′ = 2 feet or 610 mm.}

    By George Farrow (05/06/2018)

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