1 Kingsway Parade, Hadleigh

216, London Road, Hadleigh

Kingsway Parade 1950s
Chris Worpole
WW2 bomb damage

The terrace of 11 shop units with first floor accommodation above, known then as Kingsway Parade, was built after the new bypass was opened in the 1920s.

In 1937, 1 Kingsway Parade, the nearest unit to the churchyard, was known as “Dot’s Pantry”, a café run by Charles Petts.

In the 1939 Register, number 1 was occupied by Ralph Bailey, café proprietor, aged about 65, and Ellen Bailey, aged about 67, an unpaid domestic, presumably his wife (and Beatrice Barrett, aged about 59, a retired domestic).

During World War 2, all the units suffered damage during an air raid.

A close up of number 1 in the postcard presumed to be from the 1950s , shows it to to be a restaurant, identified as the “Quiet Corner”.

At some stage, the properties were renumbered as London Road and 1 Kingsway Parade became number 216.

By 2019, it was again a cafe, then known as “Munch”.

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  • My mother lived at 1 Kingsway Parade; I believe my grandparents, certainly my grandmother, ran the cafe. Gran’s name was either Hester or Randall (she remarried, not sure when but probably Randall;) she was always known as Rita.

    By Jane (04/05/2021)

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