Hadleigh & Thundersley Roll of Honour (Index)

1914 - 1919

ALDRIDGE, S/13041 L/cpl Leslie George, 3rd Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consorts Own) 

ALLEN, 12071 Cpl. James Edward, 1st  Essex Regt.

ALLEN, 59529 Acting Bombardier Sidney Charles, Royal Garrison Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Dept.(Parkhurst).


BANKS, 10403 Cpl. Victor Edward, !st Essex Regiment.

BARTHOLOMEW, 2nd Lieut, George Leo Walter, Royal Fusiliers.

BARTLETT, 2nd Lieut. Ernest Jack, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’ Own).

BOAG, 2nd Lieut. Herbert Edward, Machine Gun Corps, attd “B”Bn Tank Corps.

BONE, 2173 Pte. William John Arthur, 6th Essex Regiment.

BOOSEY, 4127 Pte Thomas Frank, 9th Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).

BRIGHT, 5695 Cpl. Joseph Charles George, 21st London Regiment. (First Surrey Rifles).

BRUTON, 251343 (12316,4270) Pte. George, 1st/5th Essex Regiment

BUDD, 110859 Pte. John Henry, Royal Army Medical Corps.

BURR, G/35431, Cpl Harry Rivers, 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment

BUSH, 40137 Pte. Herbert John, 2nd Essex Regiment.

CABLE, 8704 Pte frederick James, 2nd Essex Regiment

CALVERLEY, 10486 Pte. Harold Henry, 12th Royal Fusiliers.(City of London Regiment).

CAREY, 26237 Pte Stanley, 2nd Essex Regiment

CARTER, 5879 Pte Charles Ernest, 1st Royal Munster Fusiliers.

CARTER, S/9242 (33612) Rifleman Frederick, Rifle Brigade.(The Prince Consort’s Own)10th Battalion.

CASSON, 5560 Pte. Edward, Essex Regiment, 1st/2nd Bn.

CHILDS, 9174 Pte. Samuel Walter, 3rd Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).

CHOPPEN, R/10818 Rifleman Fred, 7th King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

CHOPPEN, 12073 L/Cpl.Stephen ,9th Essex Regiment.

CLARK, 59116Pte Frank, 75th Machine Gun Corps.

CLARKE, 22756 Pte. Frederick John, Essex Regiment.

CLARKE, 12360 Sgt. George William, “D” Coy. 9th Essex Regiment.

CLARKE, 368003 Pte. John Albert Arnold, 5th (7th) London Regiment.

CLAY, 16709 L/Cpl. Frederick Shaw, 2nd Coldstream Guards.

CLIFFORD, G/15706 A/Sgt. Harold, 11th Royal Sussex Regiment.

COLLINS, Charles C.

COLLINS, 721265 Sgt. Reginald, 2nd/24th London Regiment.

COMPTON, 1170 Pte. John Hugh, 2nd East Surrey Regiment.

COOLLEDGE, 305541 Leading Stoker John Henry, Royal Fleet Reserve.

COWELL, 342578 Pte. Richard,  231st Labour Corps.

COWELL,12076 Pte.William,9th Essex Regiment.

DAVIS, 41175 Pte Hubert, 11th Suffolk Regiment.

DUNN, 9249, Sgt. Edwin Watson, 2nd Suffolk Regiment.

EADE, 18040 Pte.Charles, 2nd Bedfordshire Regiment.

ELLIS, 40495 Pte. Edward, 2nd Essex Regiment.

ELLISON, 22421 Sapper Stanley Thomas, Royal Engineers, 56 Field Coy.

ENGLAND, 548040 Pte. Ernest Walter Henry, 15th London Regiment, (Prince of Wales’ Own, Civil Service Rifles).

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FARLEY, 823816 Pte. Thomas Henry, 1st Canadian Labour Corps.

FEAKINS, 35124 Pte .Robert James, 7th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

FIELDING, 14089 Pte. Albert Edward, 10th Essex Regiment.

FRENCH, 299542 Stoker Jack Royal Navy.

GILBERT, 16081 Pte. Alfred, 1st Essex Regiment.

GINN, P/8 Warrant Officer Alfred, Military Mounted Police.

GOOD, R/11385 Rifleman Morton Handley, 7th King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

GULLETT, J/41341 !st Class Boy, James Anthony, Royal Navy.

HALL, M2/115684 Pte. Charles Arthur, Royal Army Service Corps.

HARRISON G/10289 Pte. John, 2nd Duke of Cambridge’s Own, (Middlesex Regt).

HART, K/16218 1st Class Stoker Frederick, Royal Navy.

HAVES, G/17254 Pte. Stanley Alfred, 13th Royal Sussex Regiment.

HIMPETT,204480 Pte. William Edward, 7th Bedfordshire Regiment.

HOLGATE, 2nd Lieut. Harold Arthur, 14th East Surrey Regiment.

HOOKEY, 372909 Rifleman William George, 1/8 London Regiment, (Post Office Rifles).

HOPWOOD, 2nd/Lieut. Frederick William MM, 8th Royal Berkshire Regiment, (Princess Charlotte of Wales).

HOWARD, 28731 Pte. Henry, 9th Suffolk Regiment.

HUGHES, 826936 Pte. Hugh William, 143rd Bn, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

JEMMETT, T/201481 Pte. Sidney Ernest, 4th East Kent Regiment (The Buffs).

KEMP, 470365 Pte. Frederick Charles, 206th Coy. Labour Corps

KING, 9893 L/Cpl. Herbert John, 3rd Royal Fusiliers, (City of London Regiment).

LAMBERT, 6321 Sergeant Frederick Charles, 1st Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.

LEWIS, 20578 Cpl. Charles MM, 8th West Yorkshire Regt,(Prince of Wales’s Own).

LINCE, G/43364 Private Charles William John,Duke of Cambridge’s Own, 23rd Middlesex Regiment.*

MANN, 34144 Pte. Benjamin, 2nd Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.

MASON, 10553 Pte.Ernest Edward, 2nd Essex Regiment.

MASON, 6791 Pte. Reuben, 13th Hussars.

McCORMICK, 1409 Pte. John Rowland, 3rd Royal Fusiliers.

MEGGS, 2nd/Lieut.Stewart Gordon, 213rd Siege Battalion, Royal Garrison Artillery Territorial Force.

MONK, 427288 Pte. Ernest James, Labour Corps.

MOSS, 7095 L/Sgt. Reginald Bertram, 1/6th Bn. Durham Light Infantry.

MUNDEY, 7976 Cpl.Henry, 1st East Yorkshire Regiment.*

MURRAY, 251339 Cpl. James, 5th Essex Regiment.

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PAGRAM, 9902 Pte. Claude Granville, 3rd Royal Fusiliers, (City of London Regiment).

PEAKE, SP/2230 Pte. William Hadwen, Sportsman’s Bn, 24th Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).

PETCHEY, 19195 L/Cpl.Sidney George, 9th Essex Regiment.

PIPER, 251697 Pte.William George, 5th Essex Regiment.

PHILLIPS, 68930 Gunner George Francis, 62nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

POND, 14427 L/Cpl. Arthur Edward [Edwin], 9th Essex Regiment.

POND, A/201961 Rifleman Frederick Charles, 2nd King’s Royal Rifle Corps.

RAISON, 53033 Pte. Arthur Stanley, 32nd Royal Fusiliers.

RAYNER, 19011 Pte. Joseph, 18th Northamptonshire Regiment.

RICHARDS, 169192 Gunner John Henry, Royal Field Artillery.

RIVERS, 8896 Sgt. Bert, 2nd Bn. Essex Regiment.

RIVERS, 15158 L/Cpl. David Henry, 1st Bn. Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.

RIVERS, 36527 Sapper Percy Hubert, 54th Field Coy. Royal Engineers.

ROWBOTTOM, 439021 Pte. Charles Frederick, 31st Bn. Canadian Infantry.

RUSSELL, 12/3147 Sgt. Eric, 16th Waikato Co. 2nd Aukland Regiment. New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

SARGENT, 33980 Pte. Samuel, 3/13 (1st Barnsley) Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment. 

 SAWARD, G/9069 Pte. Robert Louis, 6th Royal Kent Regiment, (Queen’s Own).

SCOUGALL, 4274 2nd Lieut.Douglas Muir, 1st/15th London Regiment (Rifle Brigade).

SCUDDER, 26623 Pte. William, 2nd Grenadier Guards.

SEWELL, 41783 Pte. Frederick William, 1st South Staffordshire Regiment.

SMITH, 40770 Pte. Ernest Albert, South Wales Borderers.

SMITH, 192680 Acting Quartermaster, Harold George, Royal Naval Reserve.

SMITH, 49720 Airman (2nd Classs) Percy Louis, Royal Flying Corps (111th Squadron).

SMITHERS, 2445 Pte. Raymond Norwood, 2/17th London Regiment.

SNOW, 8638 Pte. Henry, 1st Essex Regiment.

STAINES, 60372 Bombadier Archie, Royal Garrison Artillery.

STAINES, 17385 Pte. Sidney Charles, 5th Coldstream Guards.

STAINES, 7678 Cpl. Wilfred James, 9th Royal Fusiliers, (City of London Regiment).

STIFF, 16109 Pte.George, 10th Essex Regiment.

STOCKWELL, G/9375 Pte.James, 2nd Royal Fusiliers.(City of London Regiment).

STOKES, 9843 Pte.William, 2nd Leicester Regiment.

SWAN, 10028 Pte. Henry George, 2nd Essex Regiment.

THEOBALD, 144721 Gunner Samuel James, 6th Siege Bn. Royal Garrison Artillery.

TODD, 33932 L/Cpl. Jack, 10th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.

TOMS, G/6699 Pte. James Marcel, The Buffs, (East Kent Regiment) 3rd Bn. 

TOOKEY, 22815 Pte. Ferdinand Sidney, 2nd/4th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales).

TUCKER, G/60331 Pte. Cecil, 17th Royal Fusiliers.*

TUCKER, 33797 Pte. Frederick John, 1st Border Regiment.*

TUFFS, GS/21462 Pte. Frederick Ernest, 8th Royal Fusiliers,(City of London Regt).

UNDERWOOD, 78216 Pte. John William, (9th Royal Fusiliers).

WALLACE, 75478 Pte. Charles Frederick, 29th Vancouver Battalion, Canadian Infantry (British Columbia Regiment).

WATSON, 232355 (5379) Pte. Charles Henry, 2nd London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers).

WATSON, 40115 Pte. Henry, 2nd Essex Regiment.

WATTS, G/13257 Pte. Alfred, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Bn.

WEBB, 32145 Pte. Henry, 2nd Northamptonshire Regiment.

WHITE, 10554 Acting Sgt. Phillip, 1st Essex Regiment.

WIFFEN, 13113 Cpl. Harry John, 56th Field Coy. Royal Engineers.

WOODFORD, 3/940 Pte. Alfred, 1st Essex Regiment.

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Please note:

* Private Charles LINGE appears on the Hadleigh War Memorial as C.LINCE

* Cpl Henry MUNDEY appears on the Hadleigh War Memorial as H. MONDAY

* Pte Cecil TUCKER appears on the Hadleigh War Memorial as C.TOCKER

* Pte Frederick TUCKER appears on the Hadleigh War Memorial as F.TOCKER

Main source of information:  “The Southend & District Roll of Honour 1914-1919” by Jeffrey Jarvis, containing obituaries from the Southend Standard.

Additional sources: The National Archives WO 363 series & medal cards; “Ancestry” database; “Find My Past” database; “Soldiers Died in the Great War”; the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website; “Southend Standard” newspaper and various Parish Records.

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  • With regard to Val Jacksons comment I have found two more Thundersley men mentioned in the roll of honour and recorded on the CWGC site but not on the list above. The first being George Francis Philips (Phillips on CWGC) age 20 Gunner (Signaller) with the Royal Field Artillery 62nd Brigade killed in action 17/4/1917 buried at Tilloy British Cememtery, Tilloy-les-Mofflaines, France. Native of Thundersley. And John Henry Richards age 22 Gunner Royal Field Artillery died in Thundersley on 22/4/1918 or the 24/4/1918 (on CWGC & grave) from head wounds received and is buried in St. Peters Churchyard Thundersley.

    By Tony (26/07/2013)
  • Watch this space. Another dozen or so men from Thundersley, including Frederick Hart are being researched and will be added in the coming months.

    By Val Jackson (22/07/2013)
  • I have come across the above mentioned Southend & District Roll of Honour 1914-1919 and it mentions a Frederick Hart of Thundersley aged 22 lost on the HMS Queen Mary 31/5/1916 and CWGC suggests that he was son of Richard and Mary Jane Hart, of “Brookland,” Kiln Rd., Thundersley, Essex. but he dosn’t seem to appear in the above list.

    By Tony (07/07/2013)

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