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Thank you for this very interesting article. I wanted to add a comment, that a new, wooden church building now occupies the site, at the junction of St. Michaels Road.

On 27/07/2013

I just wanted to add that the Mr Caruthers who built the chapel in Morecroft Avenue, also lived in Daws Heath. His bungalow, also called "Morecroft" was on the south side of Bramble Road, opposite one of the main entrances to Pound Wood and last time I visited the area it was still there. In 1954 my parents purchased the western part of the Morecroft garden from his widow to have their own property built. Mrs Caruthers lived there until about 1960 I think.

By Judith Robson
On 03/04/2014

There were two Caruthers brothers that built the majority of properties on the Fairmead, Morecroft and Landsdown avenues as well as some of the properties in Bramble Road. They were H & J Caruthers and had a small office adjacent to the triangle bus stop. Mr Caruthers who had the Morecroft bungalow in Bramble Road was Mr J Caruthers while his brother Mr Harry Caruthers owned the splendid house "Windy Ridge" which was located on the corner of Haresland Close where it meets Bramble Road.

By Ian Brighton
On 04/04/2015